40% discount on counseling sessions (60 minutes) for the end of the holy month of Ramadan


الإستشارة الفردية

Individual counseling

You can book an individual consultation or (training session) in person with Coach Cream via a video call or a personal interview, if possible, to help you with personal problems or modify individual behavior that you suffer from in your relationship with the opposite sex, whether you are a man or a woman through the site by filling out the form in below and pay the fees required to book the session through PayPal…

Do not forget to leave your information and methods of communication with you, such as e-mail or links to your accounts on social media.

Courses or group lectures

You can coordinate to give a lecture to a group of students or people on several topics such as the history of feminism, biological and psychological differences, types of intelligence, personality traits, etc. by filling out the form below, and the fees will be evaluated in agreement later with mentioning the entity for which the coordination is taking place, such as the name of the university or institution or school.

الدورات أو المحاضرات الجماعية
رعاية الفيديوهات و

Video sponsorship and channel sponsorship

You can sponsor a video in the channel or sponsor the channel:

Sponsoring a video about a specific topic or a personal situation that is discussed in a public video, and a $100 video sponsorship fee is paid, along with sending the necessary data and information by filling out the form below.

As for arranging for the sponsorship of the channel from a specific party or company, you can send the required data and information and methods of communication with the concerned party to reach an appropriate agreement.

Hosting or co-broadcasting

This option is exclusive to content makers and media organizations only:

If you are authorized by a media agency or one of the content creators, you can send your request to host the coach cream on your channel or coordinate a joint broadcast. You can send the necessary details and the method of communication through the form below, and the rest of the matters can be arranged.

Wiki grafik peats de big five ENG

Analysis of the five personality traits

 Through this service, you can book a session (30 minutes) to understand your five major personality traits in detail and what impact this has on your personality and behavior with others. effective…
After booking a counseling session, we will send you a link to a simple test designed by psychologists and behavioral scientists, consisting of 100 questions in (multiple choice) format. After this, you will receive a report on your five personality traits. You will share this report with us, and we will explain your personal traits to you in detail. And how does it affect your personal and work life with others…

 The cost of the test (to be paid at the test site) is $10

To reserve a session (30 minutes), the fee is $60 

    note : Do not forget to leave a message in the (PayPal) box when transferring the amount about the subject of the payment and the method of contacting you.