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The idea of ​​the studies repository was born out of my feeling of the need for it to be a single place to return to for all the brothers who ask me almost daily about sources of information and research on the intersectional relationships between men and women such as psychology, sociology, biology and others. References in one place and make it available to everyone with the click of a button to make it easier for all followers to access the evidence on which they are based, and as you can see a QR Code is available for the page.

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1- A study (the mental and psychological health gap between the sexes) conducted on a sample of more than 566,000 adolescents from 73 countries around the world. It concluded that the mental health of women is worse and the gap increases the more equal the country is between the sexes.
2- Study (Know the least happy people in the United States) The least happy segment in the United States is single women after the age of 40 without children and with a strong professional career such as medicine, engineering or law.

3- Suicide rates among women are rising faster among women than men.

4- One out of every four women in the United States takes psychiatric medications.
5- Women at the age of 18-22 years (peak fertility and beauty) are the most preferred and attractive to men of all ages, a study that included more than 500,000 people from the OKCupid platform

6- Decreased rates of marriage because most women find most men unattractive from an economic point of view… The higher the rate of women’s income, the less their chances of getting a suitable man (the super link is true).

7- Statistically black women and Asian men are the least attractive to the opposite sex.

8- Black women and Asian men are the demographic sample that is the most rejecting of the opposite sex among other races.

9- A study via dating sites found that the female reaches the peak of attractiveness at the age of 18 and the man at the age of 50.
10. In American society, one-third of young adults aged 18-22 reported being sexually inactive in the last year, while women in the same age group were sexually active.

11- Adults have less sex, especially (men), from the effects of social media and pornography available on the Internet.

12- Uber company study (the wage gap) between men and women (included more than a million drivers), where men work longer hours, drive faster, cover areas farther from their homes and more dangerous, and work for more days than women, and for this they receive a wage higher .
13- 8000 years ago (after the agricultural revolution) every 17 women intermarried with one man (genetic study).
14- Women perceive the feminist male as being less masculine than the rest of the men / A psychological study from the University of Oslo – Norway.
15- A study (the mental and psychological health gender gap) that included more than 566,000 people in 73 countries, concluded that the mental health of females is worse than males globally, and the gap increases to the highest degrees in egalitarian countries such as Scandinavia.

16- A study that shows that there is a difference between what women say that excites them sexually and what actually excites them sexually.

17- Compared to men, women’s sexual arousal patterns may be less related to their sexual orientation. (In the sense that they may be aroused by a sexual orientation other than the one they declare).

18. American women hold 2/3 (two thirds) of the $929 billion educational debt.

19- Women constitute 80% of global spending, an economic report from (Forbes Economic magazine).

20- (The Rise of Its Economy) A financial study from (Morgan Stanley): 45% of the elite working women (25-44 years old) will be single by 2030.

21- Promotion for working women (increasing income) increases the divorce rate. (BBC) article entitled Why women divorce their husbands after promotion.

22- (70%) of divorce cases are initiated by women, and the percentage rises to 90% among educated women with university education.

23- Study: Men excel in the fields of (STEM) science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

24- Why do girls outperform boys in schools and lose to men at work? Men control 95% of leadership positions in companies. (Is the problem in schools?)
25- Men die in the workplace 23 times more than women.
26- Psychological study: The effect of personality traits on the average income of the individual / the difference in income between the sexes is related to neuroticism / the difference in income between the sexes is related to narcissism.
27- 60% of women did not (finally) negotiate the salary with their employers and preferred to resign over that.
28- Women are still not asking for a salary increase. (World Economic Forum)
29- Why do women still choose the lowest paying jobs? / Women make up 83% of the lowest paying jobs (less than $30,000 annually) in the USA / At the same time, more than 60% of college graduates are women.
30- Several studies in the United States found that the rate of false accusation reaches 7.1% of allegations of sexual assault.
31- The rape crisis (non-existent) / since 1995, the rate of rape and sexual assault has decreased by 60%.
32- A study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on 60 countries shows that teachers give female teachers higher grades than males despite equal academic abilities.

33- The 100 best chefs in the world for the year 2019-2020, there is only one woman and the rest are men, and she ranked after 25 men at the forefront of the best chefs in the world.

34- A radical feminist publishes an article on anal sex in a magazine for children from 13-16 years old.
35- A statistical study in 2010 found that 4.5 million men in the United States have been forced to have sex in their lifetime, and in 79% of the cases the aggressor who forced them was a woman.
36- Men spend 63% longer in prison than women for the same crime. The study included federal crimes in the United States – Department of Law at the University of Michigan.
37 – A study from the University of Gothenburg – United Kingdom – which included 200,000 trials during the last 200 years, confirmed that the judiciary is biased in favor of women, as women are less likely to be convicted and receive less punishment than men for the same crime.

38- A study spanning twenty-five years, researchers found that the observers (the subjects of the study) reported that wearing a sexy dress is closely related to sexual violence including coercion, sexual harassment, sexual assault, unwanted touching and rape.

39- Study: 90% of women are attracted to a married man, and their attraction to them decreased to 59% when they knew he was single.
40- (Super-correlation) Study: The effect of the type of car owned by a person on his attractiveness to the other person, and the luxury car was a key factor in determining the attractiveness of men to women, while this did not increase the attractiveness of women in the eyes of men.

41- (Super-correlation) Study: The effect of the type of luxury-property owned (house, apartment) on women’s attraction to men is high, while the opposite is not true, meaning that the type of property owned by a woman does not affect the rate of men’s attraction to her.

42- A study from a scientific organization specialized in pediatrics (the American Academy of Pediatrics) conducted on 468 newborn girls and found that 96% of them had a visible membrane through the pictures taken.
43- (Superior Correlation) A study that linked the higher rate of a woman’s income than her husband’s income to the long-term stability of marriage.
44- A research article by Dr. (Muriel Newman) entitled (Feminism destroys children) explaining the reasons for the disintegration of families as a result of the high rate of divorce and relationships outside marriage, and then presents studies on the situation of children in separated families with deprivation of parental care and in the custody of the mother only, and In her article, she relies on studies conducted by the New Zealand Ministry of Development and Youth to confirm the results.
45- A study carried out by the Ministry of Social Development and Youth, and the study was presented to the New Zealand Council of Ministers in 2011 [source from the New Zealand government website]: The study found the following: The children who grew up without or away from their parents (under the mother’s custody only) suffered from the following: * 15 times more likely to be imprisoned compared to their peers who grew up in families consisting of a father and a mother or if the father is in the picture. * 30% of them will be convicted of a crime in their teens. * 83% of them will be victims of domestic violence or neglect. * Women who are divorced or single mothers are at risk of domestic violence (from a lover or second husband) 4 times more than other women.
46- {Physics is a science founded by men} (research paper): After being strongly attacked for saying that physics is a science founded by men, an Italian physicist (Alessandro Strumia’s) published a research paper on the research history of modern physics and the result of the research that from 1970 was published 1.3 million research papers in physics, 80% of which were published by male scientists.
47- {Mathematical Intelligence} A meta-analysis conducted on 242 studies with a total sample size of more than 1,283,000 people from 42 countries concluded that males have a variation in mathematical abilities at a rate of 8% more than females on average.
48- {Sexual activity} A study says that the lowest category of sexual activity in American society is young (male) young people without work/part-time work.
49- {domestic violence – men / women} A legal study on American society found that in 70% of cases of domestic violence the wife begins to physically assault the husband, but in the end, when the husband responds to the assault, the wife is the most affected.
50- {Mixing and the mental capacity of men} A study that shows that the mixing of men and his interactions with attractive women leads to a noticeable decline in their mental abilities. (This shows the lower performance of males in co-educational)
51- {Another study on interaction with women} A study says that the expectation of interaction with women may lead to a weakening of the cognitive performance of men. (And this is what women make of you when dealing with them)
52- A study that included more than 20,000 people in 23 countries found a link between acceptance of discrimination based on sex and the mental and psychological health of women, and found that countries that focus on non-acceptance of discrimination based on sex are the countries in which women suffer psychologically the most.
53- A study from Forbes (Economic) magazine: It found that 84% of working women wish to stay at home and raise children, but their partner does not earn enough money to make this dream a reality.