Children of mothers without men are less intelligent

Children of mothers without men are less intelligent

study: The more time a child spends with his father, the higher his IQ

A study published in the DAILY TELEGRAPH a short time ago, and it was conducted on more than 10,000 people, and the mothers were asked about the periods that the children spent with their fathers, and they were classified according to the rate of the father’s presence in the child’s life, and the IQ was measured for all the respondents and Mental skills tested.

The study concluded that the children in whom the father was present in their lives had a higher IQ than those who were raised with their mother alone, and their mental abilities and skills were significantly better up to the age of 42 years…

And here I say: Is it healthy for a child to be raised without a father or away from his biological father? Absolutely not, as there are several other shocking studies of a group of psychological disorders, behavioral disorders, and the possibility of criminality and drug abuse for children without a father. We review more of them in other articles…

In conclusion, the right of a single woman to adopt should not be legislated, so as not to be a catalyst for bringing up the handicapped and criminals in society. It is also supposed to allow the father to spend the time he can with his children in the event of divorce. It is very disgusting and disgusting to use children as a pressure card against any father in the family courts, and the most disgusting thing in the matter is (visitation law)!!! Is the father called a visitor? ? ? And two hours a week?

With this item, feminism works to strike one of the pillars of stability in any society and works to increase the percentage of idiots and criminals in society just for the feeling of pleasure and victory at the expense of the mental and psychological health of innocent children…

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