Physics is a science founded by men

Physics is a science founded by men As we said, and we say, and we will say, that the biological differences are the main pillar of the differences between the sexes in their roles and privileges in society, and among…

The biological clock of fertility

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The biological clock of fertility For those wishing to relate and understand the biological fertility of women and know the differences between the age stages that a female goes through during her life and what are the characteristics of each…

Stubborn women are the losers in marriage

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Stubborn women are the losers in marriage And in their relationship even with relatives 0000Women who lack emotional intelligence and flexibility in dealing are more likely to fail in marriage. Why :1- Because she will enter into a tug of…

Who attacks masculinity?

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Who attacks masculinity? Who attacks us and who advises us… masculinity: First, let us explain the term in detail so as not to get confused. There are two parts in which this term is used: The masculinity of society or…

The failure of feminist thought in the West


The failure of feminist “thought” in the West (1) Dr. Laura Schlesinger is an American university professor who specializes in family relations and presents programs in this regard. She has several books on this subject and has won several awards.…

Feminism destroys children

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Feminism destroys children Feminism destroys children, not the title I chose and I never wanted to write a word like destroy in front of a word like children, but this is what actually awaits us in a near future for…