Feminism destroys children

Feminism destroys children

Feminism destroys children, not the title I chose and I never wanted to write a word like destroy in front of a word like children, but this is what actually awaits us in a near future for us, which the West lives as a bitter and painful social present, the title is a research introduction by Dr. Muriel Newman She holds a doctorate in education and business administration and is president of the New Zealand Policy Research Center and a member of the New Zealand Parliament.
From a lengthy research article, published on the Research Center website [source 1], I started with the title, “Feminism Damages Children”

In her article, Dr. Morel discusses, in particular, the disintegration of families as a result of the high rate of divorce and extramarital relations, and then presents studies on the situation of children in separated families with deprivation of parental care and in the custody of the mother only. In her article, she relies on studies carried out by the New Zealand Ministry of Development and Youth to confirm the results.

In her article, Dr. Newman does not hesitate to point the finger openly and openly at the real culprit (the feminist movements), and the destructive laws that these movements imposed on society under the pretext of supporting women, putting the entire society in danger, and this was not done with good intentions, but rather it was premeditated. And with malicious intent from the beginning, and to confirm this, Dr. Newman cites the sayings of famous feminists who declared it openly.

– Feminist Linda Gordon:
Professor of Anthropology at New York University.
The nuclear family must be destroyed: The family that includes only a father and a mother) The dismantling and destruction of the nuclear family is an objective revolutionary process.” (You mean the feminist revolution)

Feminist Sheila Cronin:
Leader of the National Organization for Women (NOW)
“Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the feminist movement must focus on attacking this institution. Women’s freedom cannot be achieved without the abolition of marriage.”

And many others, but I will confine myself to mentioning the examples mentioned by Dr. Morel, who, after clarifying the malicious intentions of the feminist groups and their explicit quest to destroy the nuclear family: family that includes a father and a mother).

And then she moves on to explain the danger of the laws of empowering and supporting women in the event of divorce, because the gains from divorce exceed their counterparts within the institution of marriage, and this leads to women resorting to divorce because of the simplest problems, instead of trying to fix the problem or even coexist with it and uphold the interests of children, as was the case before adding These women’s laws are based on statistics and studies of civil courts.

Dr. Newman expressly mentions the primary role of the father in the upbringing of the child, saying that the father is the first and strongest protector of the child in society, and for the proper upbringing of children, there must be a male role model.

Then she moves on to talk about the situation of children who grew up away from their parents (children of strife) and lived under the custody of the mother only, with the help of a study conducted by the Ministry of Social Development and Youth. The study was presented to the New Zealand Cabinet in 2011 [Source 2 from the New Zealand government website]
The study concluded the following (I will mention some points):

The children who grew up without or apart from their parents (under the custody of the mother only) suffered from the following:
– 15 times more likely to go to prison compared to their peers growing up in families consisting of a father and a mother, or if the father is present in the picture.
– 30% of them will be convicted of a crime in adolescence.
– 83% of them will be victims of domestic violence or neglect.
Divorced women or single mothers are at risk of domestic violence (from a lover or second husband) 4 times more than other women.

Dr. Morell used research by researcher Lindsay Mitchell, who specializes in family research and social welfare systems since 2001, to confirm the accuracy of government figures and statistics [source 3].

She points the finger of accusation and clearly mentions the feminist organizations and lobbies that have always put obstacles in front of any project to protect children and restructure family laws so that the interest of children is at the forefront. Instead, they continued to press to achieve the goals of their ideology of liberating women from all social constraints, even if it was at the expense of the interest of society, its future, and the safety of its children.

Dr. Morrell concludes her article with recommendations stressing the necessity of abolishing the mono-custodial system, and the abolition of the biased system that always favors the mother for child custody. In addition to support systems for single mothers that constitute an economic burden on the state and the husband and encourage high rates of divorce and single mothers, and the replacement of the above with a joint custody system, according to the joint custody bill that was submitted to the New Zealand Parliament [source 4]

After reading Dr. Morel’s research article.
I conclude by asking how long will we allow society to be destroyed by imported toxins in the form of ideologies such as feminism that have proven harmful and destructive.
Are we waiting for the day when we see similar statistics and studies, but on our children and in our countries?
How long will we sacrifice the future of society and the most valuable thing it possesses? His children on the altar of feminism!
Protecting society and its future begins with putting an end to feminist ideology and approving a law (joint custody) to protect society and its children and its future.

Written by: Fatih Murad

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