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Stubborn women are the losers in marriage

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Stubborn women are the losers in marriage And in their relationship even with relatives 0000Women who lack emotional intelligence and flexibility in dealing are more likely to fail in marriage. Why :1- Because she will enter into a tug of…

Feminism destroys children

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Feminism destroys children Feminism destroys children, not the title I chose and I never wanted to write a word like destroy in front of a word like children, but this is what actually awaits us in a near future for…

The failure of feminist thought in the West


The failure of feminist “thought” in the West (1) Dr. Laura Schlesinger is an American university professor who specializes in family relations and presents programs in this regard. She has several books on this subject and has won several awards.…

Gender mixing in education

ألاختلاط بين الجنسين في التعليم

Mixing or separating the sexes in schools? According to studies that compared the co-educational system with the mono-educational system, the separation of the sexes in academic departments is associated with better academic results[1][2], And an improvement in behavior as well…