The Guardianship of the Man – by Dr. Muhammad Al-Masir, may God have mercy on him

The stature of the man

Sinful understandings have emerged about the man’s guardianship over the family, trying to make this guardianship transferable between the man and the woman and explain it in a floating interpretation that serves dubious goals under the claims of discrimination against women, and in order for those who perish to perish by evidence and those who live by evidence, we say: The guardianship of the man over the family does not accept bargaining, concession, or exchange, and is based on decisive legal principles.

Or not: Spending on the family is the duty of the man alone, as he is the one who provides the dowry and spends on his children, so that family members can file a lawsuit against the man so that the judge will force him to fulfill his financial obligations within the limits of God Almighty’s saying: “Let one who has plenty spend out of his abundance, and whoever is restricted by his provision, let him spend out of what God has given him. God does not burden a soul except what He has given it. God will make after hardship ease.” (At-Talaq, verse 7)

Therefore, there is no reverse, so the woman is not required to provide a dowry to her husband, nor is the husband asking her to spend on him unless she volunteers. Her sick or poor husband does not have the right to guardianship.

secondly: The right to discipline is established for the man over his wife, according to the text of the Almighty’s saying: “As for those whose disobedience you fear, admonish them, and leave them alone in the beds, and beat them. If they obey you, do not seek a way against them.” “An-Nisa’ 34.”

This right is not reversed, so the woman does not have the right to discipline her husband in these three stages stipulated in the noble verse, and their implementation in the event of a dispute. “And if a woman fears cruelty or desertion on her husband’s part, there is no blame on them if they make peace between themselves, and peace is better.” An-Nisa 128 And to talk the rest

Written by His Eminence Professor Dr. Muhammad Al-Masir, may God have mercy on him

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