Stubborn women are the losers in marriage

Stubborn women are the losers in marriage

And in their relationship even with relatives 0000
Women who lack emotional intelligence and flexibility in dealing are more likely to fail in marriage.

Why :
1- Because she will enter into a tug of war and follow the voice of her selfishness to overcome him, and in fact she fails in front of her husband’s stubbornness, and the stubbornness of those around her.

2- The stubborn, stupid woman who thinks that when she clings to her opinion and stands in the face of the storm, she will win.
And she forgets that if she won an opinion and a position, then she sees her triumphing with her foolishness, but she loses a heart that loved her.
It destroys children whose minds do not realize the meaning of ruin until recently.

3- Many narrations and wisdom praise the easy-going, soft-spoken, amiable, fertile, obedient woman, even the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and the Companions after him.

4- The woman who stoops to pass the storm; She is the wise, sane woman who lives in a house forever. And the woman who stands like a withered stick is the one who breaks, and her breaking may not be forced.

5- The stubborn woman who clings to her opinion. which believes in the principle that I will prevail and you will lose; It destroys itself before it destroys the other. And she lives a life full of heartbreaks that swallows her bitterness in this world and the Hereafter.

6- From my experiences in marital counseling, I found that stubborn women end up in divorce and the failure of their family and social lives.

7- The Arab woman advises her daughter on her wedding night with wonderful and tried wisdom and a recipe confirmed by successful wives, namely:
(Be a servant for him, and he will give you everything you want).

The men are kind, generous and very sweet
However, the stubborn woman turns them into enemies.

👈 for the benefit
There are many stubborn women in our society
Entire families have been destroyed, and many divorces and widows have increased.
(The world is enjoyment, and the best enjoyment of the world is a righteous woman)
The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, believed.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Feki – The Power of Love and Tolerance

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