Gender mixing in education

Mixing or separating the sexes in schools?

According to studies that compared the co-educational system with the mono-educational system, the separation of the sexes in academic departments is associated with better academic results[1][2], And an improvement in behavior as well [3] because mixing encourages the emergence of emotional relationships between students and distracts their focus away from the study. Separation in sections is beneficial, especially for girls, as it helps to improve their psychological well-being and build their academic self-concept, according to one of the research papers [4].

And the previous results are consistent with what was published a few days ago in the Journal of School Health. Where a team of researchers from the University of Georgia found that students who do not date female students in the study stage have better academic results and better social skills and do not have depression [5] as a result of the separation of the sexes in the study, as it limits communication between them and reduces dating and emotional relationships during the study so that students focus on achievement. Scientific.

And the application of that has already begun in the West. In 2002, the number of schools separating boys and girls was only 11. To increase by 2009 to more than 550 schools[6], 51.5% of adult women believe that gender segregation in schools is important, While 69% of adult men consider this very important [7].

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