The failure of feminist thought in the West

فشل الفكر النسوي في الغرب

The failure of feminist “thought” in the West (1)

Dr. Laura Schlesinger is an American university professor who specializes in family relations and presents programs in this regard. She has several books on this subject and has won several awards.

In her books, she reveals the failure of feminist movements in the West and focuses on family disintegration and the devastation of family relations that feminist movements brought on the family in the West.
It turned out that many women were victims of these feminist movements and lost their families, husbands and children as a result of their walking behind the claims of these feminist movements, which are role models for feminist movements in our Arab world.

Read what Dr. Laura said in her book The Hidden Power of Wives, pg. 49:
I also think that many wives lose sight of the idea that they are treating their husbands in a harmful way. I believe that women have undergone negative brainwashing with regard to their role in society and with regard to their relationship with men to the extent that they are no longer aware of their duties… All that worries women these days is to assume the role that society has dictated to them, and this role is summarized in the following matters: Earning money + status + independence = power, and she was told that in the absence of this power she would be oppressed. enslaved, Without meaning and useless, it is clear that this concept of power does not include the house, husband, or children, and this concept of power has stripped women of their true power that enables them to achieve self-satisfaction in their personal lives.

Here, Dr. Laura refuses and warns women against neglecting her family and husband, and the tendency to search for the delusional power taught to her by feminists, the destroyers of homes and the breakers of families. She considers this feminist work to be brainwashing practiced on women, and the home, husband and children should be the priority in a woman’s life.
And this is one of the Western feminists exclaiming on p. 59:
“I now realize how harmful the toxic message of feminism is. We were created to be equal to men. It is true that God loves us equally, but He created us different and created us to help and lift each other up and to be an integrated team.”
She rejects the feminist call for equality, describing it as a poisonous message, and calls for recognition of the difference between men and women….
This is some of the destruction caused by feminists in Western society, and this is some of the disintegration that these feminists brought to families, and this is some of the misery and unhappiness that feminists brought to women in the West.

Hence, it is the duty of everyone to reject this poisonous “thought” that has poisoned the lives of everyone who carried it and adopted it.
It is strange what the feminist movements in our society are doing to introduce this poisonous and destructive “thought” that its people uttered and fought against into our society.
It is everyone’s duty to reject it and fight those who promote it in our society…

Written by the writer Ali Shakra

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