The rise of neo-Marxism and the victim mentality

The rise of neo-Marxism and the victim mentality

Imagine you are in the Soviet Union… 15 years after the Bolshevik Revolution, That is, in the late twenties of the last century, when most of the federation consisted of villages, where there are some very efficient farmers who have been able to produce most of the food for the federation, They are of course a minority. As is always the case with the category that produces extraordinarily.

And there are, on the other hand, a lot of people who are not doing well. Because some of them are exposed to what most people are exposed to. and in what field, Not everyone can be superior, The preoccupation with excellence means that people fall into a hierarchy, and some of them have bad lives because they were never a productive person.
Here is the Pareto principle, which we believe is close to valid because it matches much of what we see with reality in front of us and throughout history. Most of the work is done by 20% of the people who are most effective. This is nature and this is how life goes. Nothing immoral is done by the most effective 20%.
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Now comes the theorists of communism in the Soviet Union, Based on Karl Marx’s principle that if someone obtains a financial return from an enterprise, He stole this from his employees or those who “oppose them in the name of work.” By this principle, these producers were classified in the category of kulaks, and anyone classified in this category: sinner
Some visible signs of the farmer who is classified as Kulak have been identified, including: – to hire workers – to own a complex engine machine – to own a mill – to rent out his land or equipment – to “involve” in brokerage, , called non-labor profit.
We return to the village and its class distribution, the productive minority, There will be those who will be proud of them as an important part, benefiting from them and their superior ability to produce…. But there will be a less positive part who is unhappy with the way things are. And he wants equality of outcome in the outputs without asking himself, “What should I do?”
And when theorists of communism came to these people and told them that what is being done to you by these “parasites” (meaning the rich farmers by parasites) is unjust, You can kill him, rape his daughters, and take his money in the name of good. You are persecuted…and he is persecuted.
Farmers classified as Kulak, And they were sent to the gulag, They are (ironically) labor and slavery camps. Here comes the contradiction. He who works for wages is enslaved. Therefore, we will bring those who used them and make them work for free, in conditions that no human being has ever experienced before.
The horrible part of the Gulag was not revealed until after the publication of “The Gulag Archipelago” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who was based on hundreds of written letters from prisoners… In addition to his personal writing experience, the French magazine Le Monde ranked it 15th as the most important book of the twentieth century.
What were the results of the dekulakization process?! 
The worst of it was that the Soviet Union throughout its subsequent history did not achieve an economic utopia. Nor did he kill millions of kulaks, nor that without the Allied material aid, they would have become slaves to the Germans who killed and captured millions of their soldiers in just 3 months.  Rather, punishing the productive class led to the largest man-made famine in history… Between 3-6 million people died of starvation… starvation.
Hunger has reached an unreasonable stage and beyond imagination. They have reached the point of reminding people that it is “wrong to eat their children” in the literal sense of “eating”. If a mother took leftover grains from a harvested farm to feed her children who are dying of starvation (in the literal sense), she would be executed!! !!! Human organs were replaced by grain!
All this was considered a good deed. And it is permissible until people have equal income!! This is what happens when you adopt a victim mentality category based on identity, and invest it politically… the inevitable end is blood and chaos,  This part of history does not receive sufficient attention… because of the admiration of Arab intellectuals… and the West… for revolutionary communism, despite the danger of Marxism and dividing people into oppressors and oppressed.. Just .. Makes this game end in blood…a lot of blood…
I wonder at the West in particular, which fears that anti-Semitism will generate the Holocaust while not fearing that neo-Marxism will generate another Gulag… and another famine.
Written by Brother Muhammad Patriot
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