France | Prove your wife’s betrayal and go to jail

France | Prove your wife’s betrayal and go to jail

France has always been a symbol of decadence and unbridled freedoms in the world, and one of the inevitable results of this secular methodology that fights religion and is not based on any moral reference is the liberation of women from all moral controls and from all social pressures that help control the behavior of all members of society in general and women in general Especially because they are more affected and demand social acceptance when choosing their actions.

And one of the results of this dissolution is that more than 60% of births in France each year are born out of wedlock (children of adultery), and this is considered one of the highest numbers in the world if it is not the highest at all, but here what we will discuss in this article is another level of The promiscuity and promiscuity that exists among them, and they are children of adultery (within the framework of marriage), in the sense of those who are born from an illegal relationship with a married woman and are attributed to the father without realizing that he is his legitimate son, even if he is of a completely different color and race than the father.

So what is the most successful and effective way for a man if he suspects that the child born to his wife is the son of adultery, and it is a high possibility in France compared to the rest of the world? The most powerful and definitive method is to analyze the DNA of the child and the father in order to discover the genetic link between them and to find out whether he is the biological father of the child or not in a definitive way.

Here comes the role of feminist laws that support women in everything they do, even if it is adultery, and they tell you that you, as a man, have no right to question the lineage of this child, and you cannot even be sure of the biological link between you and him. We must prevent any way that can reveal her immorality and betrayal of her husband, which is not punishable by French law in the first place, but we do not want the man to even make sure of this in himself.

In French law, more than 15 years ago, it was forbidden to conduct a DNA analysis to verify the biological link between a man and his children, except with the consent of the wife and the judge together.  The law prohibits medical laboratories from conducting the analysis for any father except by order of the judge and after the consent of the adulterous mother.

Even if a man requests the analysis from a laboratory outside the country and the samples are seized by customs, he exposes himself to a penalty of imprisonment for a whole year and a fine of 15,000 euros. This is because he wanted to make sure that his wife does not cheat on him, even if, for example, the parents are black and the child is Caucasian and white. The father does not have the right to verify anything without the consent of the cheating mother.

The paradox is that even if the wife agrees and it appears that the child is other than her husband, she is not punished and does not change anything at all, and the husband remains the legal father and is required to spend on the child until the age of 18 years.

This is one of the blessings and advantages of feminist laws. Congratulations to them for this great progress. More than half of society are children of adultery officially, and a large percentage of the other half are children of adultery as well, but indirectly.

May you be well, far from France and its feminist laws…

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