Propaganda pillars of feminist ideology

Propaganda pillars of feminist ideology

After following the media platforms and the mouthpieces of the feminist ideology in the Arab world, which all present hate speech hostile to men, family, religion and society. And it follows one step on the propaganda approach imposed on it by its supporters.
The propaganda on which it is currently based, its goal and role is to mobilize, incite and create public acceptance… to move later.

First, what is propaganda? A word that means disseminating information in a directed, unilateral way, and directing a focused group of messages with the aim of influencing the opinions or behavior of the largest number of people. It is anti-objective in providing information. It is the presentation of information with the aim of influencing the target audience.

Their entire propaganda is based on dirty tricks and logical fallacies. Used by terrorist and racist groups
I will mention the addresses, and then in other posts, I will devote to each address a complete detail with statistical evidence and evidence.

1- Cherry picking (fallacy):
The first stage pulls the feminist cart to shop in the crime market every day, choosing the crimes carefully so that the victim is a woman and the criminal is a man…. To trade it… Absolutely stay away from stats (I’ll explain why later).

2- Bad news & ANGER!
You deliberately choose news that provokes feelings of anger, sadness and oppression, even if it is one news among thousands. Stay away from any happy or average news.

3- brainwashing & social bubble
The media pumping of carefully selected stories and news from the first and second phases begins intensively for followers as a result of the multiplicity of platforms.

4- Jumping to Conclusions (fallacy):
It is concluded that the crimes presented are not crimes and individual cases, but the “male” perpetrator committed them as a kind of “masculine” oppression of the “female” victim.

5- Faulty generalization
Irrational generalization… Anomalies and individual crimes are taken into consideration as the general rule, and therefore the woman is always the victim and the man is always the criminal, even if he is a 5-year-old child… And here begins the hate speech and incitement.

6- Provocation
Provocation… A part is added to each post directed at the opposition audience with the intention of provocation… It is intended to attack specific matters that are sacred to society, such as religion, personalities, laws, texts… and accuse them and link them to crime.
With the aim of inciting people to react in a moment of anger, we defend matters that are beyond discussion for him… so comments that are hostile to women, incite violence, or support crime. Not because they are hostile, but words in a moment of anger

7- Filtering & confirming bias
The dissenting voices are intended to be filtered out by keeping only the most extreme and urban and moderate voices suppressed (such as what I was banned from the Women’s Revolution page for example)

========================= E

By following the aforementioned 7 characteristics, you will have a media platform that presents a torrent of news in which the woman is always the victim, the man is always the criminal. The news is painful and sad. There is no justice, as if this is the condition of the entire society…. For the targeted viewer, he is affected by the news, and if his mind doubts it, the whole society cannot be that bad. He enters the comments, looks at what ordinary people say, and notices a radical discourse that indirectly supports what is mentioned in the post.

A hatred of society and “males” in particular is formed in the recipient
On the other hand, the publisher of the propaganda has presented itself with the appearance of a sincere and compassionate mother, opening her arms away from the unjust father.

Thus, the follower turns to them after carefully studied brainwashing
to a person suffering from
mentality & victimhood
moral dependency &
fragile personality &
confirmation bias &

You now have an ideological army that can carry out any crime without hesitation and consider it a reaction to injustice and an investigation of lost justice.

Written by: Fatih Murad

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