Why do name prices collapse if a woman is appointed to the board of directors?

Why do name prices collapse if a woman is appointed to the board of directors?

Do corporate shareholders (including women) hate women?
Is economics a male science? Are investors stupid?

The study said: It turns out that many companies that seek equality in any sense, They are actually doing a disservice to the shareholders of the company. but why ? We believed that equality in outputs is the fastest way to a virtuous city…

In fact, a sharp drop in companies’ stock prices was observed when women were appointed to the board of directors, as explained by Bloomberg (the most famous economic newspaper in the world).

The analysis included over a period of 14 years 1,900 companies, which indicated that after women joined the boards of directors, the companies witnessed a decline in share prices for two consecutive years. The collapse rate was at least 2.3% when one woman was added to the board of directors…

A number of managers (male, (females) holders of a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), where they were presented with fake newspapers containing news about the appointment of members of the board of directors of companies, and the news was identical except for changing the gender of the new manager, and the reaction of men was monitored that they were interested in the news from a purely economic angle (profit and loss) and not value of their social distancing, As for the women, on the contrary, they were more lenient in their response to the news…

And here I comment: Investors, economists and owners of capital do not hate women and do not care about the gender of the new member of the board of directors based on his gender only. But from their reading and accumulated experience, They know fully that men are better able to take decisive mathematical (economic) decisions in a more efficient and better way to increase profits and develop and expand the company. It is purely economic for them. It has a biological basis, as the logical mathematical intelligence of men is higher than that of women, and the analytical and computational abilities are better for men, and this is evidenced by conclusive evidence and thousands of studies in neuropsychology and brain and neuroscience….

It doesn’t matter if you like the result, it doesn’t care if you like it. It is true and always will be…

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